Sunday, February 7, 2010

25 in 25!

I'm doing so well with my goals so far this year that I decided to set a new one.

25 pounds in 25 weeks!

Slow and steady... Eat less, move more... More vegetables, less junk food.
I lost a lot of weight once before (50+), so I know I can do it!

I set the deadline of our family reunion at the beginning of August. Here's my father's branch of the family tree in 2005. I'm the one in green with the crazy tan and bad bra. Look at Pete and Julia down in front. So cute!

But right now, I'm making chili, cornbread and wings for the Super Bowl.
Moderation, not deprivation!


Lurline said...

Lots of wight so congratulations - I would love a bowl of American chili right now! I can't make it like they do!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Kathie said...

good for you , keep us posted on this personal challenge.
Kathie said...

I am on this. I enjoyed our spontaneous walk before the snow storm. Let's try to walk again soon.