Friday, February 5, 2010

Are you wearing red today?

I'll be wearing red today for these cuties. My mother has heart disease which she manages quite well. (This is a 4-year old photo, but the best I had of anyone wearing red. My father loved to wear a red sweater or sweater vest on Christmas, so the Christmas after he died, we all wore red in his memory.)

This week flew by and I'm not sure what I did. Lots of cookie business (so far, so good), a little sewing, and encouraging Julia with a school project (she'd call it nagging). Bill went to DC on the train for the first time. I think he enjoyed the trip, but next week he'll need to fly down for a morning meeting. I dropped him off at our beautiful old train station. It reminded us of college days when I traveled by train from Rochester to Schenectady, NY. There is something more romantic about train travel.

Last year, Bonnie Hunter hosted a quilt along for Super Bowl Weekend called Super Bowl Twist. I put together a top with a big pile of bright novelties and geometrics. It turned out kind of muddy and I wasn't happy with it, so unhappy that I never took its picture. When I signed up for Pat Sloan's Super Bowl weekend party this year, I realized I still had the one from last year to deal with. So I un-sewed and added some skinny sashing. It's better. Still bright and fun, but at least there's a place for your eye to rest and notice the pattern. Since it doesn't twist anymore, I'm going to call it Super Bowl Slant. I need to buy a little more of that orange to finish the left and bottom, then I might add a yellow border (or not) and black binding. I'm not sure if I'll make it to Camp Sloanie this weekend. Maybe Julia will come with me and we can quilt together!

My copy of Bonnie's new book arrived this week! Go buy a copy today!

I'm starting to panic that a week of February is already gone and I didn't finish anything. So much to do, so little time! Here's my list for the next 3 weeks.
  • Girl Scout Cookie Sale
  • Clean garage to make room for cookies
  • Prepare for Quilt Getaway Weekend
  • February Star Crazy Blocks
  • MQX Charity Challenge
  • Year 2000 Scrapbook
  • February UFO Challenge- #7 Easy Weave
  • Fun with Strips & Strings

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Connie said...

Beautiful train station! good luck with all of your project! Have a blessful week!