Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Winner Wednesday

We have a winner in my first ever giveaway! Actually, I chose two winners. Let me explain.
With minutes to spare before the bus arrived this morning, I asked Julia and Pete to help me with the drawing. We printed the comments, cut them apart, and put them in a bowl. We started with a smaller bowl and Pete soon pointed out that we needed a bigger bowl. They were both pleasantly surprised to read your wonderful comments. Pete's favorite was "YOUR PINS ROCK!" Thanks, Beth!
Pete assigned Julia the task of selecting the winning entry. She pulled one out and said:"No way! It's Karen!" You see, Karen is the only blogger that we know personally. We're really glad that she won, but to be fair, I decided to pull another winner. Congratulations to Leona! Karen and Leona will both receive their choice of 3 pins. Thank you to all of you for your kind words. I'll keep you posted on my Etsy shop. It's been such a busy week already, I'm hoping to have the shop open by the weekend.

Have a great day!


Jackie said...

Congrats to Karen and Leona! They will certainly enjoy the pins.

Betweens said...

Congrats to Karen and Leona.. they are lovely pins hope they post what they picked when they get them. The pins are fun to make!

simple country living! said...

Thank you Tina for my beautiful prizes! I've never won ANYTHING in my life! LOL!

Kaaren said...

Congrats to Karen and Leona. I'm so envious and Tina, your pins are awesome!

simple country living! said...

Hey Tina! THEY ARRIVED TODAY & THEY'RE EVEN PRETTIER IN PERSON! I am so thrilled & can't wait to wear them! WOW! How on earth do you do that? Such intricate details! Simply beautiful! MAHALO!!