Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lots of Scouts

I haven't talked about scouts in a while. I was ecstatic that we had full attendance at two Girl Scout meetings in a row. So I had to take a picture! A couple of years ago, we commissioned my nephew who is in art school to design a logo for our troop. We put it on t-shirts, note cards, swaps and stickers. We might need something new before our next big trip.
At next week's leader meeting, we'll be celebrating Leader Appreciation Month. The tea wallets from this tutorial are my latest assembly-line, stash busting project. If I can make 40 in 8 days, they will be gifts for my leaders. Shhh. I think only a couple of them read my blog.I just went looking for buttons for the tea wallets. My mother's old sewing basket is full of buttons still on their original cards. 31 cents! I love the strip of double knit polyester with the covered buttons sewn on. I'll have to ask mom what the garment was.And a little something for the Boy Scout in my house. A big pile of fabric from Alderwood Quilts. Super service!! We had a nice chat about this line of fabric and Eagle Scouts. Why doesn't GSUSA license some fabric already?! I'm hopeful it will happen before the centennial in 2012. I don't have a plan yet for Pete's Boy Scout quilt, but I wanted to get the fabric before it is no longer available, although it's in its 3rd printing. I told him it will be his Eagle quilt and he's good with that. He's ready for his board of review to advance to the next rank. (I'm a bad mother. I can't remember which one.)Julia is getting her application together for her Girl Scout Silver Award project. You'll be seeing her soon as a guest blogger. Here's a hint: QOV.



Nanci said...

I love your header by the way. I meant to comment the last time I was here.
Well the genes must be working in the family to have clever stuff like that produced.

Christina said...

its funny that you mentioned scouts today because i just made my desktop at school the girl scout logo. i think that's one of the best pictures of our troop. and it's a nice little troop of unbelievablly loud teenage girls. i love girl scouts. ok im gunna go before i ramble about nothing.
love you! Julia