Friday, April 13, 2012

String Color

If the flaming bagel in the microwave wasn't enough to wake me up this morning, all this color surely will do the trick!  Julia intended to defrost her frozen bagel for 30 seconds, but set the microwave for 3 minutes!  Who knew you could set a bagel on fire that quickly?

On to the color!  I was able to complete 12 basket weave string blocks in the workshop with Bonnie on Wednesday.   I used phone book pages as foundations and cut them to 6.5". 

 I'm thinking about somehow combining them with the swap blocks below.  Maybe I'll chop up the basket weave blocks to create a border.  These are 30 of the 32 blocks I received through 2 rounds of Mini Scrap Basket swapping.

Here are the 16 blocks I sent for round 2...

and the 16 blocks I received...

I was actually kind of excited to get one of my own blocks back.  It was like seeing an old friend!  You can pick out the red with giant polka dots.

I'm loving this string business!  I can't wait for Bonnie's next book (due out in July!) with lots of string projects.  We got to see some of the samples this week and they were amazing!

I'm off for day 2 of MQX with Karen.  We're sure to run into Diane, our MQX buddy!


Northern Deb said...

Those are wonderful colors! Love the string quilts. I've made two of those and love them both... one was all in blues (to try and get rid of some blue stash and PS..doesn't work) and another in all 30s repros. The 30's is my favorite so far but I'd like to try using some Amys/Kaffes as you did. Very pretty!

Debbie said...

what a fun week you've had! And great, colorful blocks!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Wonderful colours, I can't wait to see what you do with all those fabulous string blocks! Have fun at MQX!