Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sew Random Thursday

 Hello, Friends! I'm still here, sewing away the days. So many projects, not enough time to blog.

Let's start with the finishes. My sister texted me a few weeks ago and asked for a drawstring bag for her granddaughter's magnetic letters. Why use a plastic baggie when you can have something so much cuter! I had to use the scrabble print that I bought for "Sis" a few years ago. I used Jeni Baker's tutorial for a lined drawstring bag, and it was just perfect.

 I was able to finish another charity quilt last week, despite thread breakage issues. I have been in contact with Superior's thread techs. I'll let you know what we figure out. And I'll show you more of this quilt soon.

These three quilts are ready to be delivered to a Habitat for Humanity home dedication this Saturday. The one in the middle is my Bears in the Suburbs. The other two were pieced by other guild members. It just worked out that I quilted this whole batch.

Last week, I delivered this t-shirt quilt to a friend and Girl Scout leader. Julia and I helped her troop make this traveling quilt. They are seniors in high school, and plan to pass the quilt to each other when they go off to college in the Fall. We used up most of my remaining Girl Scout fabric stash. My friend was able to acquire donated backing and batting which brought their cost down to zero. The girls sewed the sashing around their shirts and tied the quilt. It is super cozy and fun!

There are lots of projects in progress...

The wedding quilt came home from the quilter on Monday. The binding was made on Tuesday, attached yesterday, and is being hand stitched while I watch TV at night. I was able to get one full side of this king-sized monster done last night. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

There's a baby on the way, so a quilt must be made! I'll be using Lorna's Elephant Parade pattern, but have modified it so I can add this fun print as a border. It needs to be done for the family party/shower at the end of April.

I started a stacked squares quilt for a cousin who is battling cancer. I'll get back to this one as soon as possible.

 When I'm not binding at night, I'm working on these Patchwork of the Crosses blocks. They make me happy!

Oh, and I have to hem a gown for Julia to wear to the ROTC military ball. It will be a challenge. The dress is lined and has a slit up the back. Wish me luck!

Lastly, I was offered a part-time job in a field I never imagined myself working in. I'll be making a decision next Monday, after a few hours of shadowing. It's exciting and scary and just plain weird all at the same time.

I'm off to piece some elephants. Have a great day!

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WoolenSails said...

I wish I could quilt as much as you do, lol. Lots of beautiful quilts and it is so nice that you can make quilts for others. I am pushing to make a rag quilt for my daughter's bday present and I found that using the cutter does not make it any faster;)