Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Archives - Jelly Rolls

Val's Tuesday Archive theme today is Jelly Roll Quilts. I've got two completed quilts and a couple of WIPs made from jelly rolls.

This is Olivia's quilt, made for my 4th great niece in February 2013. A sweet quilt for a sweet little girl!


This batik quilt was quick to piece and fun to quilt.

Julia and I participated in a jelly roll race at a retreat last March. They are still in the WIP pile because the project calls for some set-in circles to add interest. We planned out a layout design for our circles, but haven't made this a priority yet.

Head on over to Val's for more jelly roll inspiration!



margaret said...

I always enjoy seeing what you have created such a good eye for colour you have very nice.

Unknown said...

Your quilts are so fantastic! You really do such wonderful work.

Pat Harrison said...

Hope those circles become a priority someday - like before this year's Great Escape!

Val's Creative Life said...

Tina....these are such fun jelly roll patterns!! I'm so grateful you sharing them under our Jelly Roll theme at TUesday Archives as they'll be easy to refer to now when I make my next Jelly Roll quilt.

joy said...

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Unknown said...

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