Thursday, July 24, 2014

Woven Bag

 I finished another long-term WIP this morning. This finish is dedicated to my fiends Karen of Sew Many Ways and Sharon (no blog).  Karen and I are suckers for a good demo at a quilt show. We saw the owner of Red Barn Sewing Center demonstrating this bag at MQX in Providence in 2011, and I had to have it! Fast forward three years... Sharon and I were on a shop hop bus trip that stopped at Red Barn. Sharon was intrigued by the woven baskets made with the same interfacing strips as this bag. She challenged me to finish my bag. So, here you go, friends!

 The pattern is called Breezy Weave Bags by Aunties Two Patterns. Fabrics strips are sewn into tubes and then stuffed with stiff interfacing strips. Shortly after the show, I had the strips woven, but was struggling with basting the edges. It sat in my sewing room for 3 years, waiting for me to put on my big girl panties!

I needed a yard of fabric for the pockets, gussets and straps. When I brought my woven piece into the LQS yesterday, they were shocked that I don't have a single full yard of batik in my stash.  I have small pieces, but no yardage. Anyway, this morning, I got to work. The trickiest part was applying the binding around the bottom corners of the gussets. I have some hand-stitching to do to fix the gaps.

It could use a magnetic snap closure, if I can find one in my stash. I know I have one somewhere!

One last pic to show my dining room table in its natural state, littered with at least three different projects. I'm glad the bag is finished, but I probably won't make another. I do like the size and shape, but it was just too tricky for me.

If I ever feel tempted to buy the strips of interfacing again, I might consider making Biscuit Baskets (also from Aunties Two). This one was a gift for a friend in 2010.

Oh, maybe I bought both patterns at the same time in 2010?


Terri said...

Very pretty.

Susan at said...

I bought that pattern a year or ago or more. Never could settle on fabrics I wanted to use so it just hangs out. Maybe one day. :)

margaret said...

not seen this pattern before, very eye catching, I am sure you will get lots of compliments when you use it, does sound like hard work, far too complicated for me to attempt but I so admire it

Lori R. said...

Oh, my goodness, I just finished a different bag pattern by Auntie Twos. Getting the strips ready was not hard, but time consuming. The trouble came when I had to zig zag them together (I don't think yours looks like zig zag was involved). I tried five different needles on three machines before I found one that would zig zag through all the layers with out skipping. It was inches from the trash can, but I am glad to report that I finished it!!

Roslyn said...

Love your bag!