Saturday, October 12, 2013


 Bill and I are thoroughly enjoying our new status as empty-nesters. Today we drove up to Massacusetts to attend the Cranberry Harvest Festival. If you are in the area, the festival continues on Sunday.

I've always been curious about cranberry harvesting, so it was fun to watch it happen.

In full speed, it would only take them about 20 minutes to fill this truck!

 Yummy rubies!

There is fun for the whole family. Check out this little cutie.

There is a lot of sand involved in cranberry farming, and they let the kids climb this giant sand pile. We passed on the helicopter rides. No SPIE rigging!

We had a great time, and we're looking forward to our next adventure.

P.S. We got our second letter from Pete this week. He's doing really well in Marine Corps boot camp. He has a few leadership billets already. He really likes his senior drill instructor. It's amazing that Pete can see the humor in almost any situation. I'm so proud of him!


WoolenSails said...

I haven't been up to that area in ages, guess since our son was little and we took him to Eidaville.


Ann @Bright Side of Balance said...

Amazing! I thought they grew over the winter because my Grandfather, who grew up in Boston, told stories how he used to go ice skating in the cranberry bogs as a kid.

Debbie said...

oh I would love to see those cranberries!!

Ginny said...

Very cool! I love the Northeast but the closest I have ever been to a cranberry blog is the Ocean Spray commercials on TV ;)

Cathy said...

This looks so interesting! I love making cranberry sauce from scratch. It is very different than the stuff in the can.

My husband and I enjoyed being empty nesters from the get-go too. Glad you are enjoying this special time.

Way to go Pete!! Thank you for serving our country!

Susan Owenby said...

Very cool! I've never seen anything like that in real life. I'm sure I'd be completely entranced. :)