Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last Day of School

 Today is our last day of high school. Woohoo! I will never again need to ask, "Did you do your homework?"

Aww. Look how cute he was on the first day of school!

The backpack was almost as big as him!

Now he hikes/runs with 80 pounds of rocks in his pack. Yesterday was "rent-a-senior" day and he fireman-carried a friend to his classes. He's so cool.

No more bus riding for Pete. Now he drives the Marine Mobile.

 We're grateful to the Marine Corps for giving him a real purpose and reason to graduate. He is excelling as a poolee and can't wait to leave for recruit training in September.


WoolenSails said...

They grow up so fast, my son has a son of his own now.
I have heard of people who carry rocks to train, dragging my own body around is enough, lol.


Tina Cummings said...

The day he leaves will be one of the hardest days in your life. While he's in training you'll be on pins and needles. When he graduates you'll be so proud you will cry uncontrollably. Let the tears flow. It's all worth it.

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