Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Graduation Party Crafts

 I decided I needed a red, white and blue wreath for my front door for Pete's graduation party. I checked every craft store for a pre-made wreath, but no luck. So I bought a wreath form and a pile of flowers on clearance. It's not perfect (bow is too small, needs more white flowers, reds not spaced evenly). We like it anyway, especially on our red door.

 I saw this idea on Pinterest to make candy firecrackers. The original post used rolls of Lifesavers candies, but Pete is a Mentos man. How long will it take for him to realize there are a dozen rolls of Mentos in the house? You can see my graduation party Pinterest board here for more patriotic inspiration.

We gave Pete his custom made book last night. (We made one for Julia when she graduated from high school last year.) My husband, Bill, writes a poem and I lay out the book with lots and lots of photos. Their yearbook photos are on the covers. It's impossible to read these books without shedding a tear or two!

I used CVS Photo for these books. When I made Julia's, I liked their backgrounds the best. I wanted Pete's to be the same size (8" X 8"), so I used CVS again. I've used Blurb for other books and I like their service, too. I get a little obsessive when I create these books, staying up much too late moving photos around and trying different layouts.

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