Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fun with Triangles

 Add another piece to the UFO pile! Here is the Tossed Triangle table runner that I pieced on Tuesday morning. Maybe I should call it "Tuesday Triangle Table Topper!"

It looks pretty cool on the end of Julia's bed.

File this pic in the "keeping it real" file. I'm trying to not completely overrun this room with quilting stuff, but there you go. Not too bad yet, but more than I need for today.

In the midst of multiple volunteer obligations yesterday, I managed to get some little paper piecing done. These will be turned into lapel pins later today. A friend of mine (Kate, a very talented basket maker) will be selling them in her booth at the Quilters by the Sea show this weekend.

I'm off to piece more pin parts!

P.S. and F.Y.I.  Don't put your laptop on top of your cutting board, especially if it gets as hot as mine. The heat will warp your board quite quickly! Luckily, mine flattened right out, but why risk it.


Debbie said...

Love those triangles! And so weird about the laptop's heat - would NOT have thought of that!

Sandy said...

Love the triangles, especially the colors!