Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Quilting Day!

Today is National Quilting Day!
Hoorah for Quilters!

My Girl Scouts were here last night to work on their troop sampler quilt, so both machines were going. After hearing a lecture last week with a sewing machine repair man, I think the timing is off on Julia's machine. Even after cleaning and oiling, it still sounds clunky.

The girls are making progress. They have all selected their fabrics from the stash. Some of them are including their Kool-Aid dyed fabrics. Three blocks are done and a few are in progress. It is certainly going to be an eclectic sampler!

I'm working on the wedding ring quilt! Sorry, Jamie and Christopher. It won't be done next week. But I'm hoping to have many more blocks so you can see how the pattern develops.

I just love looking at the stacks of fabric! About 1300 pieces were cut this week!

The pattern is Judy Niemeyer's Wedding Ring Star.

I hope you are all celebrating National Quilting Day with a delicious zeppole!
After all, it is Saint Joseph's Day, too!


Jackie said...

Yay, Happy Quilting Day to you too!! Loving your Wedding ring. I just posted a Judy Niemeyer quilt today too!! Mmm.. zeppole are just to die for!

Sew Many Ways... said...

Happy Quilting Day to you and to all, but why is there not a close up of the quilt hanging in the first picture. That quilt is to die for. I just love the fabric you've chosen for the wedding quilt. Knowing how fast you work, I'm thinking you'll get that quilt done by this weekend. Maybe with a few zeppoles to fuel you, it could be a possibility! Those yummy things get the best of me every year just like Caramel Delites!