Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Love NY!

Julia and I had an amazing time in NYC!

The main event was a Broadway workshop for Girl Scouts. Saturday morning, we arrived at the theater bright and early. "Teaching Artists" led the girls though sing-alongs, games and dances.

The highlight for us was the talk by Susan Hilferty, Tony Award winning costume designer for Wicked. She was awesome! She told us about her creative process in general, and specifically how she came up with the costumes for Wicked. I wish you could see how stunning her jacket is.

Glinda's gown is completely hand made and takes 11 weeks to create. Susan explained how she looked to the Edwardian period for inspiration, since the Wizard of Oz was written in 1911. But since Glinda was princess-like, she started looking at princess ball gowns from the 40's and 50's. She mentioned a Dior gown that we think we found. (Take a look. Scroll down to the 3rd photo.)

It is so gorgeous up close. All hand-beaded and perfectly tailored for the actress. I was happy that Susan talked about the craftsmen who work on productions like this- seamstresses, beaders, embroiderers, cobblers(!), wig and hat makers.

Twenty lucky Girl Scouts were called up on stage to dance with two of the ensemble actors. See Aaron on the right? That's how close we were to the stage!

Here we are in row DD with our friends Leslie & Robin. Our best seats for a show ever!

After the workshop, we went to lunch and had some time to hang around. Julia was pulled into a street performance! The guy in green had just flipped over the 5 unsuspecting volunteers!
I missed the shot. : (

Back to the theater for the show. Incredible! Being so close, were could see every detail of the costumes that Susan had told us about earlier.

With some time to kill before leaving for home, we walked over to Rockefeller Center

The Lego store has a recreation of the Prometheus statue!

Julia and I are small town girls who have never seen an Anthropologie store before. The windows were amazing! Hand-dyed paper, hangers and tape measures. Oh, my!

And there was that lamp that everyone is talking about!

We went into a music store near Time Square to look for something for Bill or Pete, but came out with this poster for Julia instead. She has been wanting one for a long time. And when we arrived home, my eQuilter purchase was waiting with this fabulous fabric. Rosie is holding a rotary cutter!

After so many years away from NY, I'm hoping to return again soon. A guild friend is taking a bus down for the big Red & White exhibits in March. If you are anywhere in the Northeast, you must try to make it to this exhibition!
And maybe I'll see you there!

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Sew Many Ways... said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Courtney and Kelsie went to a show and shopping with their dance company...they fell in LOVE with NYC!! Glad you had a wonderful time and the weather was good.