Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We are here!

Just like the Whos, you may not be able to see us, but we are still here!
We've been busy, busy, busy.

Our drummer boy played with the Junior All State band recently.
His conga solo was mind-blowing!

I like this picture he took during rehearsal from his vantage point behind the timpani.

Last week, we spent a lot of time at church with this amazing group of young people from NET Ministries. They were in town to lead several retreats for Confirmation students, and three of the girls stayed with us. We were so blessed to have them here. Their love for God is contagious.

I'm way behind with my quilting and scrapbooking goals, but I'm hoping to catch up soon.

Julia and Pete are home from school today because of the rain and street flooding. This is the first time they've had a Rain Day! This is Rhode Island's rainiest March on record. Julia is getting her money's worth out of her new rain boots!

We were hoping to wrap up the GS cookie sale today, but we can't get to the council office because some bridges and roads are closed. I'm looking forward to moving on.

Have a prayerful Holy Week!

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Unknown said...

I can hear the drums now!! Looks like it was a wonderful concert!! Hope you get all your cookies taken care of. Isn't it ridiculous the amount of rain we are getting. My kids were wondering the same thing about a possible rain day. But school is situated away from the river. So no dice!