Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish, London, Jazz & Jambo

I think a little Irish Chain for St. Patrick's Day is in order.
I think I made this in the early 90's. I wish I had labeled it properly.

It was my first attempt at free-motion machine quilting. If I remember correctly, I marked the shamrocks by tracing around a cookie cutter. Some of them are a little wonky, but not horrible.

Julia and I have been drooling over the Liberty of London Target ads. We tried our best to find something to bring home, but most of the good stuff was already gone by Monday. I was happy to purchase this pretty mug for my morning tea.

Last weekend, we were the road crew for the high school jazz band trip to Berklee College of Music in Boston. The kids sounded great, but confessed it was not their best work. Everyone had fun, though, and enjoyed the evening concert with the winning ensembles.

Julia has become a mother hen to the freshman boys in the band. Here she is with her ducklings who followed her around all day. (Pete will be in the jazz band next year. For now, he's lugging equipment and playing tympani in the symphonic band.)

The First Official Jamboree Patch!
(Reminds me of the First Gift of Christmas in the Polar Express!)
Meet Pete at the Hill!

I'm sitting in the SUN! Yay!


Elizabeth said...

Your Irish Chain is beautiful! Nice job for a first-time freemotion quilter! I'm just learning myself. Julia is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Pretty Irish Chain. Lovely quilting.