Thursday, November 19, 2009

For Tickles

My niece asked if I could make something for her daughter Lily's favorite stuffed animal, Tickles. Lately, Lily insists that Tickles needs to be wrapped up in a blanket at naptime and bedtime. If Tickles comes unwrapped, Lily calls out, "Mommy Tickles blanket!" You can imagine, responding to this call every 5 minutes can get old fast. Hopefully this little sleeping bag for Tickles will be helpful. Tickles' sleeping bag is being modeled by Julia's Mommy Bear.

Julia's hair was blonder and curlier when she was little, and she looked a lot like Goldilocks. She happened to have 3 white teddy bears in different sizes which became Daddy Bear, Mommy Bear and Baby Bear. When she was about 3, she created distinctive voices for them. Our favorite was her Daddy Bear voice, which was adorably gruff for a 3 year old.

I'm not sure why, but Mommy Bear didn't get played with as much as Daddy Bear and Baby Bear. I guess mommies aren't as much fun as daddies and babies. Mommy Bear must have been busy doing laundry and cooking the porridge!


Katie said...

LOVE IT!!! Thanks Aunt Tina. I am wondering if Daddy's aren't able to "cover me", "water please" "tickles blanket please"....because these requests are always prefaced by "MOMMY"... and unfortunately last night it was at 3am.

Katie said...

Lily Loves It!! Thanks again.