Monday, November 30, 2009

Congratulations, Pete!

Pete is an All-State Musician! He will be playing timpani in the Junior All-State Band. It was so exciting to receive the email yesterday and see the list with his name on it, including a number 1 ranking. Oh, yeah. He's number 1 in the state!

(Sorry about the bad picture. It's the only one I have of him on timpani.)

I may have mentioned before what an awesome drummer he is. He'll play any kind of percussion with any kind of band. He just loves to play. He is considering a career in music, possibly in the military. I couldn't be more proud.

We went to a big pre-Thanksgiving party at a friend's house that included live music. In between bands, Pete jumped on the drum set and jammed for a good 15 minutes. He never stopped or hesitated. He flowed from one style of music to another effortlessly. Parents recognized distinctive drum riffs from classic rock and the kids danced to the marching band cadence. He rocks!

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