Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Wall (Floor) Monday

I've been wanting to show you my design wall for months, but this is what it looks like all the time. When Pete moved his drum set in front of my design wall, he was knocking blocks off and getting pins in his back! So all the random blocks were moved to the left and I need to use one of the portable "walls" for current projects.

The last batch of 16 blocks arrived last week from the Three by Three Swap.

I started laying out all 48 nine patches, randomly as they came of the pile.
(The portable wall is a little too small, so I kept it flat on the floor.)

Then I kind of arranged them by color. There's lots of green (which I love), and virtually no yellow. I'm not sure if I'll sew them together with or without sashing. What do you think? Pete thinks it's cool. High praise from a 13 year old boy!

Julia got a little time in with the QOV Heartstrings blocks today. Many more hours to go.

School starts tomorrow! Yippee!
The new Chuck Taylors (and the kids wearing them) are ready to go!

I'm looking forward getting my house back in order!

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Lurline said...

They sure are cool!
Hugs - Lurline♥