Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We've had one thunderstorm cell after another this morning, with no end in sight. Julia is taking a training course at Girl Scout day camp this week. There are plenty of buildings at our camp to keep the girls safe, so I'm not worried. And she was well-prepared. She reviewed our favorite website for camp songs before she left this morning, so I'm sure she's helping to entertain the little ones with songs and games.

We were lucky enough to have two nice days in a row. When we're not at the beach, you can find us at "The Pond." It's a small, fresh water lake with a private beach club that caters to families with young kids. My big kids still love going there. (I love having big kids!) They can swim out to the dock, swim laps, play ball in the water and just hang out in the shade, all things you can't do at the state beaches.

Here's the apron Julia picked up at the consignment shop. Aren't they adorable? She was born in the wrong decade. She loves all things vintage, including music.

My postcards are ready to be mailed to my group in the Carol Doak postcard exchange. This is one of Carol's blocks that I stretched out to fit the rectangle.

I've received two already (I'm late sending mine out) and it's amazing how well they travel. For the back, I printed the text that I needed using Powerpoint to be sure everything would fit. Then I traced the text onto white fabric using pigma pens. That's how I make all my quilt labels, too. I can use a fun font and the lines stay straight.

Hope your day is not as soggy as ours.

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I'm with you on the soggy....
it's black as night and pouring thundering lightening etc... mid day.