Thursday, July 9, 2009

Daisy Day

I love daisies! Apparently, they are loving all the rain we've had. They look better than ever.

I bought another pile of silk daisies to make flower pens. This batch will will be donated to the gift shop at Juliette Low's Birthplace Museum. We finalized the itinerary for our Girl Scout trip to Savannah in August and we can't wait!

I made a few more yarn daisies last night at Julia's softball game before the sky opened up again. UGH! These daisies might become SWAPS to trade with other troops in Savannah.

On one of the few days this spring/summer that it didn't rain, we were lucky to be at Fenway Park for a Red Sox game. It was Rhode Island Day (who knew?), Dustin and Jacoby hit home runs, and the Sox won! What could be better?

All Soxed Up!

I'm off to my mother's place to do laundry. Our 6 year old Calypso washer is dead. Looks like we'll be buying a new washer this weekend. plth.

Speaking of my mother, I almost forgot...
She came home from North Carolina yesterday bearing gifts. She bought 4 little kits for me to make Ocracoke Cracker blocks. Take a look here and here for more info. Thanks, Mom!


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