Sunday, December 7, 2014

Traveling to Tanzania

Good morning from Tanzania! I'm posting from the balcony of our room at the African Tulip in Arusha. Julia will be joining us in about an hour, so I'm a little excited! 

Let me go back and start at the beginning. We left home a little after 10am Friday to drive to JFK. Luckily, traffic wasn't bad and we arrived at the gate 3 hours before the flight. 

I had prepared my sewing kit with some parts for a Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt, so I kept busy with that. A lovely woman from the UK asked me about it and wished she had thought to bring her cross stitch. 

The flight from NY to Amsterdam was long, but uneventful. I watched two movies, ate two meals, and slept for about an hour. 

We had about a 3 hour layover in the frigid Amsterdam airport. Poor Bill was a Popsicle by the time we left. Walking to our gate, we passed a shop selling Dutch bulbs. They had amaryllis bulbs as big as my head! I'm definitely buying one on the way home. I hope I can get it through customs. 

Flying to Tanzania during the day was fun. I stitched while Bill slept. When he woke up we were flying over Egypt. He took a bunch of pictures of the Nile (they are on the big camera) and he was pretty excited when we crossed the equator. I watched two more movies, ate two more meals, and finished a Lucy Boston block. 

A full moon guided us into Tanzania. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of mount Kilimanjaro. We were greeted at the airport by our guide for the week, Cornell, short for Cornelius. He got us settled at the hotel and we made plans for today. 

I was happy to get a good night's sleep last night. My breakfast was fine, but something didn't agree with Bill. 

As we chill on the balcony waiting for Julia, we can hear a marching band playing a few blocks away! We can see the hotel entrance, so I think we'll wait right here... 


Rike Busch said...

Dear Tina,
that sounds great! I wish you much fun and all the best for your journey. I'm looking forward to new pictures.
Greetings, Rike
PS: Maybe you flew over South Germany, too. :)

Unknown said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to hear and see more!

WoolenSails said...

I am glad you had a safe trip and looks like your hotel is in a beautiful area.


Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

Sounds like a start of a wonderful trip!
Looks beautiful there!

Janet Ann said...

Wow! Enjoy your visit with Julia - what a memorable trip! Good for you packing your stitching!! Smart Girl!

Barb Neiwert said...

Have an excellent trip!

Pat Giarrusso said...

Have a great visit! Definitely stop for those bulbs. Laura bought me some and had no problem with customs. They are packed so you can bring them. She was just disappointed that there weren't any black tulip bulbs in the package she bought me. Looking forward to seeing pictures!

margaret said...

have a wonderful time with your daughter what a very long time in the air but you got some stitching done and certainly ate well