Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The King

 This magnificent lion is finally off the WIP list and onto my living room wall.

 Way back in February, 2015, Juliet at the Tartan Kiwi asked for pattern testers for her new paper piecing pattern. Since we had just been on safari two months earlier, I practically begged to be a tester! My first post to Instagram was this spectacular eye!

At the end of a single long day of piecing, the king was born. I remember Julia and Fred coming in and out all day, checking on my progress.

After waffling for 18 months on whether or not to quilt him, I gave in (gave up?) and ordered a frame. Without removing the paper, I trimmed him to size to fit the frame. Five minutes.  Done! 

To be completely honest, I was not quite done yet because I did something stupid. There was a lot of lint on the front of the plexiglass. I grabbed a lint roller, the sticky tape kind, and rolled it over the glass. It left lines of sticky residue all over! Nothing I had in the house could remove it. A week later, I picked up some Goo Gone with a JoAnn's coupon. Just a drop of that miracle liquid cleaned it all up. OK. Now it's done!

The King
Pieced 2/24/15
Framed 6/17/16


Barb said...

love it! looks great on that wall too ;)

Debbie said...

The frame is perfect! What an awesome memory of your trip!

Debbie said...

p.s. I love goo gone. ;-)

Pat G said...

Absolutely regal!!Love it.

margaret said...

such a handsome fellow and looks great framed rather than quilted

Di Hunter said...

What a fabulous piece of work. I just purchased some of Tartankiwis patterns. I hope my results are as good as yours.
You have a fabulous eye for colour in all your quilts. I've enjoyed looking through your blog and Instagram feed.
Thanks for documenting your quilts so beautifully. I am inspired to improve!

In Fremantle, Western Australia.