Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gifts for Priests

 I promised you more pictures of the liturgical stole I made a few weeks ago. Our assistant pastor had seen some quilted stoles and asked if I could make one for him. He was celebrating his 5th anniversary and moving to a new assignment, so I was happy to oblige.

He wanted a blue stole to wear for baptisms. I've been excited about gradations of color lately, so I tried it here. This pattern was actually plan B. My first design was too fussy and the colors weren't working. This simple design with 1.5 X 5" cut rectangles came together quickly and I like the effect.

I quilted it with a light cotton batting and variegated thread, but I probably should have used an interfacing instead to keep it lighter. Father Joe gave me one of his stoles to use as a pattern. He likes the way this shape sits on his shoulders.

Yeah, I sewed the label on upside-down. Oops! I fixed it before I wrapped it.

The next event at our church was a 50th anniversary celebration for our pastor emeritus. I had been thinking about embroidering monograms on handkerchiefs for years. I knew I wanted to make something for Father Nick that he could use, and this seemed like the perfect gift. I know he always has a hanky in his pocket. (Yes, Fr. Joe, you need some, too. Christmas is coming!)

I have plans to make a couple more stoles. My cousin is a priest and will celebrate his 25th anniversary next year. And now I have a list of men to embroider handkerchiefs for.


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful gifts for the pastors and nice that you can make something special just for them.


margaret said...

what a privilege to make a stole for your priest, wish I had been stitching years ago as I could have made one for my father who was a vicar in the Anglican Church. Hankies such a good idea too.

Gina said...

THe Stole is beautiful and I hope it gets well used

Debbie said...

Very cool. Not that I've been a part of them, but we have some quilted paraments at our church, which I enjoy seeing when they are used. Would love to hear more about the hankies - purchased, then embellished, right? Nice.

Rosezanna Landsness said...

Beautiful. My husband is a minister. This would be a lovely gift. Could you post a pattern

Archie the wonder dog said...

The stole is beautiful, I'm sure your priest will treasure it!