Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Safari Portraits

 We are home from safari in Tanzania and are recovering from jet lag. The three of us took about 5,000 pictures on two cameras and three cell phones. Bill took over 60 videos on his phone which he compiled into a 30 minute movie. I'll be sorting through my photos for days! Here are some of my favorite close ups.

Everyone wants to see the big cats on safari and we weren't disappointed. We saw more lions than we could count! This big boy was napping with his brother so close to the road we could hear him breathing!

 Lion cubs are the cutest! Julia decided she could be a lion because they sleep most of the day. Our guide taught us to be patient. Eventually, someone will wake up and do something interesting or at least open his eyes.

 Our guide really wanted me to see a cheetah on my birthday. Finally on the way out of the Serengeti, he spotted this beauty perched on a termite mound. We watched her (him?) stalk some prey, but she gave up after a short chase. There were a few lions not far away watching the action, hoping to steal dinner away from the cheetah.

I could watch zebras all day. I just think they are beautiful and fun.

We saw lots of pregnant mamas and cute babies. 

We were so close to some of the animals that I couldn't fit them into the frame of the photo!

Giraffes are goofy and gorgeous at the same time.

Impala are just too cool.

We had several magical elephant encounters. 

Can you even stand the cuteness?

 Being this close to buffaloes is slightly terrifying.

The hippos have to show you how big and mean they are.

I hope you enjoyed this little sample of our trip. I'll have more for you soon.


Jackie Kunkel said...

Just like their domestic cousins, cats sleep, and sleep and sleep! But are just gorgeous! Thank you for the little peek into the wildlife. It looks like you had a great time! Welcome home!

Pat Giarrusso said...

Absolutely beautiful! It is on my bucket list to go on a safari some day.

WoolenSails said...

WHat an amazing trip, you really captured the animals with your photos, loved seeing them.


Carla said...

WOWSERS . Can't imagine seeing them in person! Amazing

Julianne said...

oh my gosh how awesome!

Jodi said...

YES! I enjoyed! Can't wait to see more. glad you're home, safe and sound!

Marlene said...

Fantastic photos. I have great memories of my safari in Kenya many years ago now. The magic of seeing the wildlife in their natural environment stays with you forever. Glad you got to see the cheetah.

Ali Honey said...

Wow! Great photos. It's much too hard to pick a favourite. ( for you too I imagine )

Rike Busch said...

Dear Tina,
what amazing and beautiful pictures! And all the best for your birthday! I thinnk you had a great b-day. :)
Greetings, Rike

margaret said...

amazing photos saw some on instagram but lots more here are you going to show some of the videos too? I hope so

Debbie said...

Very cool! What an amazing experience!

Sarah said...

Amazing. I can't imagine feeling calm being that close to wild animals. Holding the camera still would have been hard.