Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday

 This week, I thought I'd show you my current set up. Only two rooms in our house have air conditioning, so when it's particularly hot and humid, I move my sewing into my bedroom. The Featherweight sits on a small folding table. The second table holds the fabric parts and an iced tea.

If I slide the jewelry boxes over, my dresser is a great height for cutting. (This pattern creates a lot of trimmings! I just emptied those bags.)

The ironing board is always set up in front of the window. I just have to clean off all the lint and bits of thread each night before Bill irons his clothes for work.

I'm plugging along, piecing about four hours a day. I should have all the parts done by Friday.


Rike Busch said...

Hello Tina,
here in Germany Autumn is coming. We reach only 15-17°C. *bbbbb* We are looking forward for late summer in September or October.
But a little question: Is your Featherweight a new or an old sewing machine? It seems, that they are a perfect travel sewing machine, but I cannot find any dealer for them - only for accessories.
Greetings, Rike

margaret said...

It id the opposite here I have yo pick a room that is warm enough to stitch in and that is my kitchen, mind you the bedroom is not big enough. You are certainly very organised and tidy

Carla said...

I'm lucky enough to have a tiny but functional room dedicated to my sewing and crafting. And it's usually a disaster. The husband would have a cow if I used our bedroom or kitchen. LOL