Friday, May 9, 2014

Garnet and Gray Complete

 Actually completed last Friday, I'm revealing Garnet and Gray for Finish it Up Friday at crazy mom quilts. I rushed to finish it so Bill could bring it to his dad last weekend. Bill did go for a visit, but did not bring the quilt yet. Ed was in the hospital then and now is in rehab, so we'll hold onto it until he gets settled again.

For the back, I pieced a giant bento box with pieces of garnet and gray.

I showed this quilting pic before, but wanted to mention again how much I loved using the Halo on this project. This tool is perfect for smaller quilting motifs. The quilting is so dense, I almost ran out of thread. I filled the last two bobbins with a darker gray.

I included washing instructions on the label, as I expect it will be washed a lot.

I love the texture created from the quilting and washing!

The colors were inspired by the school colors of Union College. My husband, his father, sister and brother all graduated from Union, and his dad was a professor there through most of his career. The hockey team recently won the NCAA hockey championship. I opened the school website in the quilt shop to make sure I bought the right shade of garnet!

Garnet and Gray
Made for my father-in-law Ed Craig
Started 4/17/14
Completed 5/2/14
Actual working time 6 days
60" X 75" before washing
57" X 72" after washing


Debbie said...

Very nice! Hope your father in law is going better!

Jess (a.k.a. Rosie) said...

Beautiful!!! I'm sure he's going to love it!!!

~ Jess ~
Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

WoolenSails said...

That came out beautifully and love the fabrics you used, nice colors for a guy.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the colors, and to my eye they add a feel of motion that is just wonderful. Love the colors even more after learning of the meaning they have for the recipient!

Pokey said...

Great looking quilt! I like your choice of a giant bento box on the back. Hope your FIL is back on his feet soon ~

Carla said...

Garnet and grey. Love that. My dads middle name is Garnet : )

Cathy said...

I really like the vintage feel of this quilt. Great family tradition too! Maybe Pete has begun a new family tradition. How is he?