Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quilty Bucket List

 I have enjoyed seeing other people's quilty bucket lists, so I thought I would join the fun.

Very soon, Julia and I will start working on a New York Beauty quilt. We have wanted to make one since we met Karen Stone in 2005 and bought this book. I love these blocks. I grew up in New York State and I have a thing for the Chrysler Building.

When our LQS started selling NYB BOMs a few months ago, I knew we had to have them. I was hoping we would start piecing at the retreat last weekend, but we were not that ambitious. It might be our summer project.

I have been intrigued by One-Block Wonder quilts since this book was released. Someday, the right print will scream "buy me!" and I will get started.

I made a Giant Dahlia in 1990-91as a wedding gift shortly after I started quilting. The center looked like a volcano! As a beginner, I was excited and fearless and stitching way above my skill level. I'm sure lots of you did, too. Anyway, it might be time to revisit this classic pattern with modern fabrics.

What quilt patterns are on your bucket list?

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Debbie said...

wow! An impressive list! I know you'll do it proud!

Rike B. said...

Hi Tina,
I bought this book by Karen Stone two weeks ago and participate to a NYB-online-bee. If you like you can come in, too.
Greetings, Rike

margaret said...

the quilt by Karen Stone has lots and lost of points, best of luck, will enjoy watching your progress.It reminds me a bit of the Oklahoma beauty quilt that Bev at 44th street has been working on

Gina said...

I have been enjoying the quilty bucket lists too. Fun list!! You are so lucky to have Julia to share in your quilty endeavors!!! a NYB quilt is a good one to have a partner!!

Susan at said...

I've already bought the one block wonder... Designed what I wanted to make with it and picked up a few fabric. If I only had more time!!

Stacey said...

A New York Beauty - now that is what I call a bucket list quilt. I would love to do one too and I hope you get started - no time like the present!!!!

Cathy said...

That Dahlia quilt looks interesting. Fill that bucket!

Wendy said...

The second and third goals are new-to-me quilt, the look really interesting. I should have the NYB on my list too as I love it. I didn't know it was based on the Crysler building which I love.