Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Stitching

 I've been doing some fun, summer stitching, because nothing should be too complicated during summer.

I received the first round blocks of Crafty Blackbird's Siggy Block Swap.  It's really a great selection of fabrics from quilters around the US and a few other countries.

The blocks are pieced for the next round, and I just need to get them signed and mailed off.

My friend Debbie started a Polaroid Block Swap last week.  How fun are these tiny blocks?  I'm keeping 8  blocks for myself and mailing out 25 to swap.  Sorry, kids, the toaster is mine!

It's not too late to participate! Click on the button and join the group!

My husband has a coworker whose wife just had their second baby this week.  I bought this adorable Riley Blake print called Happier, then pulled a lot of the scrappy charms from a swap the 4x5 group did a few months ago.  See?  Swaps do pay off!

 The layers are pinned and the binding is ready.  I hope to get quilting done this afternoon.  Finishing the quilt after the baby is born means I can include her name on the label!  That was my plan all along.  (Here's her big brother's quilt from 2 years ago.)

Everyone seems to be struggling with the heat this summer.  I am managing by sewing in my bedroom!  We only have two window air conditioners in the house, so I've parked myself in front of this one.  The cutting board is on my dresser, I lowered the ironing board so I can sit in my little rocker, and the curtains function as a design wall.  Lots of natural light, the TV, a steady flow of iced tea and I'm good to go!

I need to run Pete to Jazz Camp, then I'm planning to visit Julia at work.  She is a counselor at the Girl Scout camp she attended for 8 years.  She is excited to introduce me to her campers by my camp name, "Stitches."  Her name is "Buglez."  She's working with an energetic group of 5-6 year old girls.  Better her than me!


Debbie said...

Very fun baby quilt! I have really enjoyed having those charms on hand too!

Deborah said...

I just love these block!

Archie the wonder dog said...

The baby quilt is really cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your daughter's camp name. My Girl Scout is Animal and I'm Alaska at camp. :-)