Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pins of the Day

 A few weeks ago, I confessed my Pinterest addiction.  I finally started using some of the ideas I've pinned.  Here's what I made in the last 24 hours...

These are so incredibly delicious.  They are chewy and chocolatey and melt in your mouth.

 Yesterday, I showed you some gifts for Julia's teachers.  The mug mats were great for the female teachers, but what about her male band director?  How about a little bag of Nutella No Bakes?  I had just pinned this folded Treat Bag, and it was the perfect size for a few cookies.  Mine is not as cute as the original, but it does the trick. (The thank you card she had already written is sticking out the top.)

I've been pinning lots of things for Julia's graduation party - decorations, recipes, games, etc.  In under an hour, I made 25 feet of garland from this link.  I used a paper punch for the scalloped circles and a Sizzix die that cuts 4 different sizes of circles at once.  Then I sat down at my sewing machine and put the pedal to the metal!  (The I broke the 25' tape measure. Oops.)

I need to review my Pinterest boards to see what to make today!


Debbie said...

Fun ideas!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love the idea of the paper garland!