Friday, October 15, 2010

Got Scraps?

If you quilt or sew, you've got scraps! Jodi is going to help us use them! Visit Pleasant Home and play along, won't you?!

Jodi asked us to find our scraps, so here you go.

These are just the ones that are not cut into usable pieces. Those are in photo boxes, neatly labeled and lined up on a shelf. These were here, there and everywhere! I just threw the Christmas scraps (see below) into the blue coiled bowl for the photo.

Oh, and then there are baskets with fold-able pieces less than 1/4 yard. Those bits were kind of messy on the stash shelves.

(ok. now that I can see them in a photo, most of them are not pretty. the baskets are not cute, either. giveaway?)

And a basket of selvedges. Do those count as scraps?

Oh, and several years ago, I sorted my scraps by color into paper bags. I've used some of them, but the bags are still crumpled up in a corner somewhere.

OK. I've got scraps!

I finally got all the strips cut for a tree skirt I was commissioned to make in January! She'll get it before Christmas! It is a pattern my mother used in the early 90's. The pattern has since disappeared, so I'm working from photos and long-distance measurements.

Two packages arrived yesterday!
Ten yards of Kona Snow from Jackie at CVQuiltworks
My first Spoonflower order!

My Girl Scouts decided to work on the Textile Arts badge, so we ordered a yard of troop number fabric. (My nephew designed our graffiti logo a few years ago.) I can't wait to see what they make from it!

We're all really excited about the badge. There will be some dying, painting, block printing, designing and piecing. Dare I say applique?

Corral your scraps and get ready to sew!


Jackie said...

Great post, but the thing that really caught my attention is that you tried spoonflower!! How did you like it? Was it easy and is the fabric good quality?

Sew Many Ways... said...

Ok, you win for the most scraps!! I guess I need to SEW to make scraps...I think that's my problem.

Lindah said...

Lucky Girl Scouts! As I recall, my Scout meetings were pretty boring, no fun things or instruction. Leader was always busy on phone calls or something. We were strictly an on your own group. Can I be a kid again and join your troop? :-)

Marcia said...

Thank you for the tour of your most interesting scraps. While I don't have scraps of my own, my mother has decades worth saved (less than half are quilter's cotton). You have them so artistically stored too. Love the baskets.