Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pins, Piecing and Planes

I probably could have split this into two posts, but i like the alliteration!

My hexie table runner is basted and ready for some hand quilting on the beach.

I forgot to show you the loot we picked up at the Lowell Quilt Festival:
  • Some African fat quarters to replenish the stash
  • A layer cake of Fandango which may be incorporated into the wedding quilt
  • A book I've been wanting since it came out

While we were eating Italian ice in Lowell, I picked out this block, Anita's Arrowhead, to try first. This block took me about 15 minutes, start to finish, reading instructions, and all. I'm sure, once you get in a rhythm it would go much faster. This fabric combo is a little busy, but I love the block and can't wait to make more! Anita is a genius!

My nephew Eric is an artist (industrial designer, actually) and last summer he worked at Fisher Price designing these cool planes. Here he is showing them off to Grandma!

This is the plane he designed, virtually start to finish. It's from the imaginext line. This number 3 plane is called the Twister Jet. It's so exciting to see something he designed in production for the first time!

He had a hand in creating the other planes, painting decals and working on the flight suits. Each plane retails for about $10. (We bought 2 Twister Jets yesterday at Walmart!) The aircraft carrier is about $40 and comes with 2 planes.

If there is a boy in your house, he might enjoy playing with these, even if he is over 8 years old!

The best part is that Eric is starting a new job next week in Rhode Island! He'll be working for a company that makes electronic drumsets, among other things, so Pete can't wait to get one of those with Eric's employee discount!

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