Thursday, June 4, 2009

Upcycle It!

I'm loving the word Upcycle. Remember yesterday, when I couldn't decide what to do? I compromised and crafted outside! I've been wanting to try fusing plastic, and a challenge has been issued by a local quilter to create a bag to be auctioned this summer. (The only rules: a bag has handles and hold stuff.)
As I was reading blogs, surfing the net and watching the 10th hour of the Today show... Kathy Lee Gifford said something about reality shows that struck me. Why are we watching these families go on a picnic instead of taking our own family on a picnic? Which lead me to: Why am I reading about things other people have made instead of actually making something. So, I Googled fused plastic (tutorial, video), gathered up my supplies, and headed out onto the deck to get to work. (My paperweight is a hunk of Colorado marble that I collected when I was a Geology student.)

My first attempt was a failure (the tan piece shrunk up terribly). The iron was much too hot. A few more tries and I ended up with enough useable fused pieces to make this tote bag.
The Wal-Mart Bag Bag.
Cool, huh?

Just how far off the deep end have I gone into blog land when we make this for an after-school snack?

Pete's team played Josh's team last night, which is very convenient, but confusing. Especially difficult when Josh is pitching to Pete. How do we cheer for both of them at the same time? Go, Pete, get a hit! Nice pitch, Josh!

On the list for today, a pile of Linus project quilts that need to be quilted and finished by next Wednesday. I do love a deadline!


Sheila said...

Great bag, Tina. I'll have to remember that idea. Love the dogs too, although it took me a minute to figure out how you did 'em!

Anonymous said...
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