Sunday, April 11, 2021

Riley's Birthday Quilt

I think temperature quilts are super fun!  If you aren't familiar with temperature quilts, the concept is to record the temperatures for every day in fabric. Makers create their own rules beyond that. Some considerations include: 

  • Pattern/block design: pieced or appliqued
  • Include high and low temps
  • Precipitation- part of the block design or embroidered
  • Month markers
  • Special days
  • Additional text: pieced, appliqued, embroidered, inked

Take a look at #tempquilt or #temperaturequilt on Instagram for a plethora of inspiration.  

Riley's quilt is the third temp quilt I've made, but the first one I'm blogging about. The first two represented the high and low temperatures for every day in 2018 and 2019.

#tempquilt2018 - 96" X 96" - 10° color ranges

#tempquilt2019 - 36" X 32" - 5° color ranges

When we were waiting for our first grandchild to arrive in 2020, I decided to wait until he was born to start. Here are the choices I made:

  • High temps only.
  • Pattern: I think the block looks like those toys with the beads that slide around. It takes two days to make a bead.
  • Each row equals a month. Riley was born on the 22nd, so there was a lot of negative space to fill with the pieced text.
  • I did a half-drop to create the zig zag look of the rows.
  • Used a tight palette of blues and greens. Color changes every 10° Fahrenheit. 


I used the My First Alphabet pattern by From Blank Pages for the text.

When it came time for quilting, my beloved Bernina was in the shop for maintenance, so I had to use an unfamiliar machine. I couldn't get the stitch right for free motion, so I had to stick with straight lines with the walking foot. I had fun with some point-to-point work. I'm happy with the resulting texture. 

The label had to include the temperature ranges so I used some extra units to piece a big block. I pieced the back with leftover fabric from the front and a big piece of leafy print that I thought I might add as a border. I'm glad I left it off. It's big enough for our little guy.

Without a border, the binding needed a little something extra, and I do love a flange!

Riley's 1st Year
47" X 60" 
started April 2020
completed April 2021


Debbie said...

Riley's quilt is so nice! I love temp quilts and really need to make one myself sometime. Thanks for sharing your other ones too!

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful quilt to commemorate his first birthday and I do love the color changes.
I still haven't had time to learn how to use my quilting machine. I love free motion but I hate trying to get the tension right, so hopefully I can get the patient to sit down and work on it.